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Faux Marble Classics - Statuary Reproductions

Faux Marble Classics:
Offers a selection of over 150 different Greek and Roman statuary pieces, made in our faux finishes, as well as over 50 different real marble items, all of which are organized into twenty-three categories. Each faux finished statuary
item comes included with your choice from any one of our ten beautiful faux finishes. Many real marble statuary items come in several different types of marble, call to confirm availability. Wholesale and drop shipping services are also offered to store buyers and online retailers who seek to reduce their physical inventory.

Production Team Abilities:
All of our products are hand finished with quality workmanship to the utmost level of perfection. We are located in Los Angeles, California, and our well-trained production department and creative artists are capable of volume production while maintaining a high quality of standards. Our artistic services have given joy to people from all walks of life, from those that live by modest means to the very prosperous. In addition to statuary, we also offer custom sculpting and marble and granite home fabrication and installation.

Inspirational Faux Painting:
The inspiration for our special faux process evolved from the beauty and the mythological history of ancient Greece and Rome. Noted artist and sculptor Dave Damon has spent years researching and developing the techniques required to create a faux marble finish that's almost impossible to discern from costly real marble. Express yourself and capture the extraordinary beauty and detail of the classical era of greek civilization in your home or office with our stunning statuary museum reproductions.

Statuary Placement Counts:
One or more properly placed statues, busts, columns, vases and or any other Greek and Roman statuary piece will add a distinction and elegance that cannot be acquired in any other way. The beauty, quality, and precise design of our statuary will instantly lend grace and sophistication to your environment. There is also a wide range of statues in multiple sizes to choose from in our collection. Make your home or office radiate with the classical elegance.

Life-Sized Statues:
  David Statue
  David Head
  Forbidden Love
  Lady of the Rose
  Venus De Milo
  Bathing Beauty
  Half Draped Nude
  Bagnante Allerga
  Elena Peasant Girl
  Winged Victory

Prized Possessions:
A statue can be the perfect gift idea for those shopping for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life. People will often buy a statue or figurine that reflects their personal interests or lifestyle. It is very special and impressive to give a gift of classical statuary to someone because it is something that they will keep and cherish for a long time to come and is likely to remain a prized possession for a lifetime. Our collection of fine statues and miscellaneous artifacts will dramatically enhance any home or office setting with their decorative presence.

Full Life-Sized Statues:
If you're looking for large life-sized statues, you've found the right place. Some of our statues stand on top of a pedestal or column at over eight feet high. Many large statues end up being used in office buildings, hotels, resorts, restaurants and luxurious homes, apartments and condos across North America and Canada. Sometimes their beauty will just take your breath away.

User Friendly Gift Shopping:
Marble Classics has created an art gallery of sculptures for the web surfer who is looking for an economical alternative to real marble. This is a great web site to use to find something specific to buy and serves as an interesting researching tool for finding information about Roman and Greek mythology. There are interesting photos and stories on every page that makes for an informative ancient history read, to say the very least. Probably the simplest way to browse through our custom statuary products is to go directly to the full list, flip through the pages, and click on the photos of the statues that most attracts your attention first.

Moments Frozen in Time:
In ancient times, Greeks used marble to create their most important monuments. For the Greeks, marble resonated strength, durability, elegance, beauty and statues created from that material became enduring symbols of the heroic elements of the ancient times since past. It's no wonder that today, marble is one of the world's most coveted mediums for high-end sculpture collectors worldwide. Each Faux Marble Classic statuary item serves as a reminder of specific points of reference to memorable moments in ancient Roman and Greek history.

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