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Art and Sculpture Artist Dave Damon
Dave Damon, because of his skills as a painter and sculptor, is one of the few people in the world that has been appointed a lifetime member of the Royal Club: Scabbert & Blade located in London, England, at the Little Dean's Court of Westminster Abby. He received this award as a direct result of painting his First Sergeant during WWII, just after the invasion of Normandy.

Dave Damon is the original creator of the authentic and beautiful faux marble finish offered exclusively by MarbleClassics. As an Air Force Intelligence Officer attached to the 434th Troop Carrier, part of the 101st and 82nd Paratroopers, Dave Damon had the good fortune of being introduced to the Princess Margaret, Duchess of Kent, a was well respected artist in her own right at the time, and Princess Elizabeth who is now the queen of England.

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Mr. Damon's accomplishments started early. He attended the University of Syracuse and received his Bachelor degree in Art Design where his name constantly ended up on the Dean's List (that's a good thing). He has received numerous awards and scholarships from the Albright Art School of Buffalo in New York, the Pratt Institute of New York City and the Chicago Art Institute. His studies later continued on at the University of Southern California to further his skills in applied sculpturing and painting techniques.

Dave Damon has for many years provided exquisite custom art to theater, film, television and businesses. He has created interior designs for the general pu
blic and corporate clients alike. Some of his most famous works include the original design of the Kaluaha Liquor bottle in 1954 and the two large eleven-foot tall 10-plate metallic Golden Oscars on permanently display at the Academy Theater in Los Angeles, that is, before it was renovated to become the Kodak Center. Currently Dave Damon is working on props for the Los Angeles Hollywood Wax Museum that sits right next to the Hollywood walk of the stars.

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