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Carving Wood Shields and Patterns in Wood

Here is the process of the carving of the wood: Your part as the customer:

First, you would need to pick what would you liked carved. Whether it is an animal or a human wood statue you need to know what you want. What would you like engraved?

Next, you will need to know how big the wood carving is going to be. You might want to include the factor of where you are going to place this wood carving.

After that you would need to pick out the type of wood you would like carved. Some woods that we have to offer are mahogany and redwood. We also offer many other types of materials such as marble, limestone, granite, bronze, silver, and many others.

Then you would need to think of the style.Whether it be an animal or human, what would you like this animal or human doing? What other details do youwant on your wood carving?

When you have the design made we can either scan it from a scanner or upload it using an image on a computer. It is then analyzed, made into a 3D image, and is then carved using our etching device.

We can have the image sent to our professional Indonesian wood carvers. This gives a high quality, unique, and extremely detailed. Lastly, it is sent to you and you enjoy this great artwork!

Our job: First, when your order is placed we are going to ask, "What type of quality would you like?" Our qualities range from apprentice carving into master carver. Next, we will send the order out and have our oversea sculptors create your art work. Our oversea crafters are the best at what they do. Lastly, as soon as our crafters are done making your product we will ship it to you.
Coat of Arms, Carved Family Crests and Shields

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