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L Charioteer of Delphi Bust Grecian Olympiad

The charioteer of Delphi is one of the best known statues in the Olympic game sculpture collection. The original is made of classical bronze, and is shown at the Museum of Delphi. It was originally erected at Delphi, in Greece, to commemorate the victory of a chariot race that dates back to 474 B.C. These races were held every four years in honor of Pythean Apollo. It was discovered buried in a trench with bits and pieces of a chariot, reigns, a groom, and remains of horses. This clearly indicates that the charioteer was originally part of a much larger group of statuary, which may have been the most imposing works of statues in the world.

Price: $320
Item: #01064
Size: 26"x11"x11”
Weight: 20.0 lbs.
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