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Custom Engraved Trophy Award Sculpting Services
Sculptor: Karoy, Marble Classics Artist
Joe Lapchick, legendary coach and early backetball player and a youth basketball player
Size: 22" x 14" x 10.5" (final trophy measurements)
Location: New York, New York, United States
Material: Faux bronze trophy casting with an engraved plate on a black acrylic awards base.
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Find more about our sculptors: Dave Damon and Valentin.


Utilizing a combination of the latest in state-of-the-art technology and time-honored sculpting and engraving techniques Marble Classics has the in-house ability to accomplish almost any custom trophy award imaginable! Our art department can recreate sculptures from the most basic pictures, drawings, corporate logos, and computer graphics and make out of them complex three-dimensional completed sculptural artworks. Our artists can sculpt busts and full figure statues of historical figures, government officials, corporate officers, celebrities, athletes and nearly anyone you would like to commemorate and immortalize with a special trophy award or custom sculpture of virtually any size. We look forward to every custom trophy award we get commissioned to create. Finished sculpted figures, busts, and other art forms can be reproduced by our art department in a wide variety of specialty mediums including a full range of metallic finishes: eye-catching bronze, aged silver metal, antiqued copper, or classic marble, black marble, red marble, and even wood textures, or have a custom finish created for you based on a color sample that you provide us. Once we cast a mold of your artwork it is then available exclusively to cast future trophy pieces on demand, when you need them most.


Marble Classics specializes in making unique and exclusive custom sculpted awards in almost any form and medium! We take special pride in creating one-of-a-kind beautifully detailed lifetime awards that help to memorialize and celebrate special moments and give recognition in our client's lives and for your highly valued special events.


Our custom trophy awards are made to commemorate victories big and small, from Corporate "boardroom-quality" artworks to statues commissioned for private collectors. No matter the occasion, our custom trophy award products are sure to be treasured by those who receive them. We provide only the highest quality sculpted art products and artistic painting services found on the Internet. Marble Classics trophies and engraving services, when added together, offer a one-stop source for all of your personalized engraving, custom trophy, and special awards needs. Our company believes "The greatest success that can be achieved is found in recognizing the success of others."


The finely sculpted bronze Joe Lapchick Character Award was brought to life in three-dimensional form by Marble Classics and boasts an extreme detail honoring and immortalizing one of the founding fathers of basketball. The 2008 inaugural Joe Lapchick Character Award trophy was established by The Joe Lapchick Committee which includes: Anthony Adorante, Gus Alfieri, Nick D'Agostino Jr., Mel Davis, Ken Liberman, Bob Livingston, George Raveling, Brian Russo, Dan Sacco, Michael Sacco, and John Warren. The Lapchick Award Committee commissioned Dream Catcher Global and Marble Classics to design and create the custom awards trophy in the likeness of Joe Lapchick for their first of many annual events. This award is unique in that it represents the first trophy that gives recognition and brings long-due attention to people of character, leadership and social responsibility in college basketball. Coach Joe Lapchick is recognized posthumously for all of his lifetime achievements and devotion to basketball and for the positive influence he had on the players he coached and fellow coaches both at the college level and in the NBA. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) also supports the award in honor of outstanding coaches who have provided honesty, integrity, and achievement throughout their college basketball coaching career.


Marble Classics had their in-house sculptor produce this 3-dimensional figurine of coach Joe Lapchick in a formal suite standing next to a young 10-year old male basketball player with a team uniform number provided by the client. The Lapchick Committee provided Marble Classics with a two-dimensional web graphic containing nothing but a black silhouette of their logo: coach Lapchick and a young player. Our artist then used multiple stock photographs of Joe Lapchick from his carrier as a basketball coach that clearly showed his facial expressions, likeness, attire and essence which was then artistically projected into an 18" tall set of figurines by our top sculptor Karoy.


As the iconic basketball figurines were being sculpted in clay, and throughout this sculpting process, the Lapchick Committee was provided with pictures of the "work in progress" for review to see if any changes were necessary, to satisfy our client, before it was shipped. This allows clients' of Marble Classics to check the status of their projects and make additions to the sculpture while it is being made, something few companies are willing to do. Once the final art piece is approved a mold of the basketball trophy figurines was made and then it was used to reproduce castings of the finished trophy award statues which were then painted with "aged" faux bronze, just one of our thirty plus classic faux finishes available.


After we presented the final pictures of the trophy awards for approval, our craftsmen then assembled the finished faux bronze basketball trophies, custom black acrylic base, and an uniquely engraved brass plaque attached to the front of each of the four Joe Lapchick character awards for 2008. Each individual trophy was then shipped to Madison Square Garden overnight to make it in time for the Joe Lapchick Character Award ceremony. The Joe Lapchick Character award trophies were received with great pride and honor by three legendary basketball coaches honored in the 2008 awards presentation - which had national media attention. Meanwhile, the fourth basketball award trophy is on its way to be installed in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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