Memorial Table Bases Finishes Classic Art Real Marble Custom Art Awards Metal Scale Model

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Faux Finish Menu: Marble, Wood, and Metal Effects

Classic White Marble* Salmon Faux Marble Travertine Faux Marble Peach Faux Marble Beige Faux Marble
Green-Black Faux Marble Black-White Faux Marble Earth Tones Faux Marble Red Faux Marble Cherry Wood Faux Finish
Neutral Wood Faux Finish Oak Wood Faux Finish Dark Walnut Faux Finish Light Walnut Finish Ebony Wood Faux Finish
Sandstone Texture White-Beige Antiquing Plain White Antique Bronze Finish Antique Copper Finish
Antique Silver Verdigris Bronze Brass Antiquing Bronze Antiquing Copper Antiquing
Gold Leaf Antiquing Silver with Antiquing Faux Brass Burnish Faux Bronze Burnish Faux Copper Burnish
Silver Burnish Gold Leafing      

Home Cast Statuary Tables Faux Painting Real Marble Custom Metals Trophy Awards Scale Model

*Discount is redeemable by telephone and applies only to our faux finished statuary reproductions. Buy a statue and statue base combination and receive an additional 5% Off Discount by calling our Toll Free Number: 1-888-244-4059.

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