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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

1. What does Marble Classics specialize in?
We manufacture and create beautiful handcrafted cast reproductions of famous museum quality statuary. Most of items are available in a casting with our custom faux finish process included in the final product. We have one of the largest selections of classical faux finished statuary available for purchase online. Those who seek real marble will want to see what we offer in our marble gallery.

2. What is a faux finish?
Faux is a French word that means false or artificial. Some of the faux finishes we produce are hand painted to look like real marble material. Our artists create and duplicate the appearance, coloration and veined surfaces of marble, aging and antiquing and other stone-like surfaces using a realistic decorative painting process that can be applied successfully on statues, wall plaques, columns, tiles, table bases and nearly anywhere else desired.

3. What types of painting finishes do your offer?
We have ten beautiful finishes currently available. The most popular, of course, is faux marble available in either off-white or white base coat with the same marble veining. We also offer these eight eclectic finishes: plain white, white beige antiquing, sandstone fogging, gold leaf, gold leaf with walnut antiquing, black verdigris gold, black gold and black bronze. Plus, you can send a physical sample or photo and we'll make sure to match your color scheme.

4. Can the wings or other parts of my statue be made in gold leaf?
The answer is yes! Quite a few of our customers have enjoyed the gold leafing finish for their angel's wings. This looks particularly good on the winged lovers, saint michael the arch angel and the winged victory angel statues. There is also a greek vase and a pretty capital column that come with gold leafing trim automatically when you choose any one of our two faux marble finishes.

5. What's the difference between the two textures that you offer?
The two textures we offer are High Gloss and Flat. High gloss has a high-sheen and a more polished appearance while Flat has a more matte texture with a soft non-reflective natural look.

6. What defines classical art?
The art of the ancient Greeks and Romans is what is technically known as "classical art". This name is used also to describe later period art in which the artists looked to this ancient style for inspiration. As it turns out the Romans learned much of their sculpture and painting techniques largely from the Greeks and this has helped tremendously to transmit the Greek arts to later ages.

7. What styles and types of columns do you have available?
All of our column designs come from the ancient Greek architectural systems. There are three systems, each called orders, each with their own distinctive proportions and detailing. We have doric, ionic and corinthian columns that are organized by size into three categories: 12" desktop columns, 18" low-base columns and 32" pedestal table columns.

8. How can I order custom sized columns or statue bases?
Most of our columns and bases can be easily ordered in just about any custom size you desire. If you are trying to match certain height and width specifications this will come in handy. Not only can we make your column a specific height, but we also split columns in half so that they can be displayed against a wall or an entry way. When wall mirrors are involved this will accent any room with an impressive three-dimensional classical architectural column effect.

9. How did the statues get their names?
The people from the Greek mythology era believed in powerful gods and warriors. The Romans renamed some of the gods. Our statues are named after the gods of classical history in tribute to their lasting image as interpreted by the works of later sculptors.

10. How many sizes of statues are available?
Most of our classical statuary line comes in sizes from about a foot tall to up to full life-size, and everywhere in between. View the complete list of multi-size statues on the statue sizes page.

11. Are the Marble Classics Collection real genuine antiques?
We offer only museum reproductions of the original antique sculptural masterpieces that are reproduced from castings for your personal enjoyment at an economical price. The original sculptures can be found at museums and archaeological sites, not only in Greece and Italy, but all over the world.

12. What are the statues made of?

All the faux finished statues are made from a top quality fibre reinforced U.S. Gypsum material called hydrostone that is considerably harder and durable than other cast materials. Upon special request we can make a statue in real marble, cement or stone, but this will be considerably heaver and much more expensive to produce. See our real marble gallery for more selections.

13. Are the statues appropriate for outdoor use?
Only real marble, real stone and cement statues are appropriate for outdoor use, wet conditions, freezing temperatures, heat, wind and other sever weather conditions will damage hydrostone, even though it is coated with a thick layer of resin. The faux statuary offered on this web site is for indoor use only. For outdoor garden statues please see our real marble items.

14. What is involved in determining the shipping cost for a large statue?
The shipping cost will vary depending on the statue(s) dimensions, weight and destination point. All large statues are shipped in custom wood crates and are packed very carefully to avoid breakage. If you live in a remote area it may be less expensive to have your item(s) shipped to the nearest city where you can make arrangements to pick them up. Depending on the size of the statue a delivery truck with a lift gate may be required. For large items, it is best to call 1-888-244-4059 or email us for a shipping quote.

15. How long does it take to receive my statue?
Each item is custom made to order and hand finished by our artists to your specifications. This process, plus shipping time, may take from 2-4 weeks. If we have the exact statue in stock we will send it right away. If you really must have your statue in hurry please let us know and we will make a special effort to get your item delivered in the time frame that you need it.

16. Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! Even though we custom make our statues to order we do offer additional discounts to help you to save money when you buy from us. If you are a repeat customer or you want to purchase multiple items we will give you a special discount if you place your order over the phone. Please contact us directly for more details and information about specials and discounts.

17. Do you have wholesale prices?
Yes! Any one of our statuary products can be purchased with a custom faux finish one item at a time or in volume at wholesale and below. Since every wholesale account has special and different needs we work with our customers closely to insure that they are continually satisfied with every order. To gain access to our lowest prices please fill out the wholesale buyer application.

18. Does Marble Classics drop ship for other businesses?
Yes! We can drop ship our products to your customers for you once you have been approved as a wholesale buyer. The cost to drop ship will vary depending on the quantity, size of items and the location being sent to. Please fill out the wholesale buyer application to set up your drop ship account today.

19. Where is the statuary made?
All of the statuary from our Marble Classics Collection is completely produced, manufactured and hand painted in sunny Southern California, United States of America, and is then distributed across North America and to our customers worldwide. Our real marble statuary is imported from Italy.

20. What additional products and services do you have available?
We custom design and install solid marble, granite and stone tiles and slabs in homes and businesses nationwide. We have a niche for top of the line custom fabrication of kitchen countertops, bathrooms, entry ways and much more. On the other hand if you require a custom statue, bust or other artifact of your own design we can have our skilled staff of sculptors assist you in creating almost anything you desire. Please contact us to find out more about what we can do for your custom project. For additional hard-to-find niche home decorating products see these cool web sites: African Butterfly Home Decorating, African Artwork, Dragon Artwork.

21. I'm looking for something specific that I can't find. What do I do?
It's simple, you should just contact us and ask for what it is you are looking for. There is only so much that we could include on this web site. We welcome all queries and we will reply to them promptly within 24 to 48 hours.

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