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Roman and Greek Mythology

Greek and Roman mythology is legends, rituals and social values conceived by ancient cultures that have created a rich and mystical portrait of the universe as seen through the eyes of Greece and Rome citizens of ancient times. As a testament to the people of Athens, Greece, Pericles said "we are lovers of the beautiful, yet with simplicity, ..we cultivate the mind without loss of manliness."

In general, Roman and Greek mythology is a collection of sacred stories from the past, typically about gods, goddesses and other supernatural beings. Ancient myths explain the origin of the universe and of life, others express cultural and moral values in more simple human terms. Mythological stories personify the powers that controlled the human world during ancient times (and still?) with an emphasis on the relationships between those godly powers and chosen human representatives. Somewhat religious in origin and function, myths are some of the earliest forms of history, science and philosophy. Some scholars say that mythology reveals the archetypes of the collective unconscious and are symbolic and metaphorical to orientate people to the metaphysical dimensions. While others still say that most mythology is true. Myths explain the nature of the Cosmos, address social issues, and on a psychological plane, open channels of communication relevant to the inner most depths of the psyche.

It was only in the late 4th Century B.C. that Roman and Greek mythology began to intertwine. Over the course of 300 years the Romans initiated a policy of expansion that eventually made them masters of the Mediterranean world. Educated and wealthy Romans of history are known for desiring works of art that depicted the allure of the ancient Greek culture. The presence of a Greek statue lent a certain beauty, importance, and a distinct heroic quality.

Ancient Hellenic religion faced eventual extinction, though its stories continued on as an important reference to their cultural heritage. By the 2nd Century B.C. the Romans made significant progress conquering a large portion of Greece. The sheer force, organization and vision of the Roman civilization was deeply interwoven with imperialistic classic perfectionist style, grace and beauty of the Greeks and Romans that still captivates us to this very day. By placing Roman and Greek statues, art and literature in our environment you provide a way for ancient culture to continue to live on and influence our lives. People in today's world still adorn their home, office and garden with these once sacred reminders of the glorious ages since past that seem to envision the human body and architecture without flaw.


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