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Male Wall Sculptures w/ Toned Muscles & Definition

Nude Male Art Wall Relief Sculpture Holding Roses
Relief sculptures created by our artists and sculptors are very unique and of such a high quality that they seem to be coming out of the wall, as if the wall is a portal from another dimension.
Fit Male Nude Gay Portrait Series Wall Sculpture Artist
Gay wall sculptures displaying this type of sexual art make great additions to any art collection for those that just adore gay male art. We have several other sculptures of this caliber also available!
Young Nude Male Bronze Art - Custom Statue Sculptor
Our nude bronze male figures showcase the best in nude male art posing in various evocative forms. Each bronze piece of artwork is custom sculpted by our team of sculptors and cast in bronze metal.
Erotic Metal Male Relief Wall Sculptures in Aluminum
If you are looking for a custom wall relief sculpture portrait, or an erotic full torso statue (with more depth than a traditional relief art piece) our art department can create any erotic male sculpture for you according to your unique specifications.
Erotic Vitruvian, Dragon, and Tribal Tattoo Sculpture Art
Our erotic sculptures of female and male wall statues are painted with intense artistic tribal tattoo designs, and we have a female wall relief sculpture painted with a tattoo of the Vitruvian Man.
Teen Pool Boy in Speedo with Abs Sculpture
Male Wall Sculptures with Toned Muscles and Definition

Home Cast Statuary Tables Faux Painting Real Marble Custom Metals Trophy Awards Scale Model

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