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S Diana Bust

This statue is of the moon goddess Diana, known to the Greeks as Artemis, the twin sister of the god Apollo, the handsome young god of the sun. Interestingly, the goddess Diana is the only deity in Homer honored with the title of "holy" and "pure". As an archer, she strikes from a distance, unerringly and unseen, so he who must be hit dies with the "smile of life on his lips". The moon goddess is unapproachable and mysterious, preferring the solitude of the woods and mountains, playing with the wild beasts whom she can calm just by her presence. Diana myth says that she danced with Nymphs, playing the lyre, and could speak to the animals. It is her power that brings healing properties to mineral springs. The elegance of this Diana statue will liven any interior decor focal point.

Price: $188
Item: #01149
Size: 13"x7"x4”
Weight: 10.0 lbs.
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