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We offer museum quality replicas of religious statue gifts that range from a bust of Christ with a crown of thorns to Jesus Christ after his death being held in Mary's arms. The other directly Christian character that is available as a gift is the bearded moses, who kneels with the ten commandments from Mount Sinai under one arm.

Jesus Christ is renowned for having aroused fear among the Roman secular authorities and the Jewish priesthood. This happened after he gathered the twelve apostles and began to establish the Christian church ministry. The charismatic leader of Nazareth (Jesus) was also known as Jehoshua, Joshua and is considered by some to the primary judean Jewish martyr, prophet, and religious leader. Baptized by John the Baptist, Jesus was later betrayed by Judas Iscariot at Gethsemane where he was seized by Roman soldiers and brought before Sanhedrin to be examined and condemned as a false prophet. He was sent to Pontius Pilate on charges of sedition, then later moved to Herod Antipas only later to return back to Pontius Pilate before being handed over to the Jewish authorities for execution. Christ (Jesus) was crucified at Golgotha and this act was regarded by Christians to signify him as "the divine son of god" as foretold in the Old Testament by Moses, the hebrew prophet, and leader of the Israeli Exodus from Egypt across the Red sea.

Michelangelo was only in his early twenties and still relatively unknown to the world as an artist when he was commissioned in 1498 to do a life size sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding her son, Jesus, in her arms after his death. Pietas, like these, have been created in many different forms by various painters and sculpture artists, but none stand out like the Pieta by Michelangelo. As it turned out this would be only the first of four and the only one he actually finished and unveiled for the Jubilee of 1500 at St. Peter's Basilica. In less than two years, Michelangelo carved from a single slab of marble one of his most magnificent sculptures ever created. His interpretation of the Pieta was far different than the ones that had been previously created by any other artists. One of the things that makes Michelangelo's Pieta different is that he decided to create a youthful, serene and celestial Virgin Mary instead of a broken hearted and somewhat older woman. When the Pieta was unveiled, a proud Michelangelo stood by and watched as people admired the beautiful Pietas statue until his pride turned into anger after he overheard a group of people starting to attribute the work to other artists of his time. Interestingly, the anger Michelangelo felt caused him to add one last thing to his Mary-Jesus sculpture. Running down the sash strap on the shoulder of the Virgin Mary, Michelangelo decided to carve his name in fleeting attempt to gain recognition. Later on he regretted that he let his emotions get the better of him and vowed never again to sign another statue.

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