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M Rape of Sabine

The mythologic story of the Roman abduction of Sabine women has its setting in the early history of the Roman Empire. Some interpretations have it that the story is, at least, partial true and has its impact on modern history in the fact that a Roman wedding still implies a forceful abduction of brides on their wedding day. The original story of the Sabine women took place in central Italy at a time when the Roman Empire was starting by granting easier citizenship, therefore allowing criminal types into the population. After a short time it was realized that the Roman Empire would falter in a generation or two because of lack of women for the early Romans to breed with and produce male children. At first the Romans asked for the women. When their offer was turned down the Romans invited the people of the Sabine region to a festival for a celebration to the god Neptune. Many of the local folks showed up and halfway through the planned event the Romans surprised the guests and abducted most of the Sabine women. This statue represents the struggle between the Romans and the native Sabine people.

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Item: #01172
Size: 20"x8"x8”
Weight: 15.0 lbs.
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