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Roman Greek Mythology, Hercules, Zeus and Hermes

Romans believed religion was very important. They believed that gods were responsible for putting them on Earth and that they also controlled their lives. There were two parts to Roman religion, household religion and state religion. Household religion included worshipping gods that you believed protected your house and family. To worship these gods, every family prayed to the gods each morning at the altar in their house. Every Roman believed in other gods and goddesses, which were largely adopted from the ancient Greek Myths. These gods were believed to control everything from your experience of falling in love to your success killing food for dinner.

The male God of Greek and Roman mythology were often the same entities but with a different name in Rome as in Greece. For example Eros was the Greek name while Cupid was the Roman name for the "archer of love". The Greeks called the "god of war" Ares and the Romans called him Mars. Herakles was the Greek name for Hercules (Roman) who was the penultimate hero. In Rome the "messenger of the gods" is known Mercury which in Greek he was called Hermes.

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