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Two Sculptor's Versions of Hercules Face and Hair

Our custom art client made a suggestion for the Hercules artwork to be more classical in terms of the facial hair, with an older and more aged look, plus more leanness in his muscles. So we put two of our best sculptors on the task. It is interesting how just sculpting shorter facial hair alone can modernize the look of a sculpture! By hollowing out the statue's facial features, especially around his cheek bones, Hercules is given a more realistic muscle tone more akin to the period. As you can see, there was also an enhancement of the definition in the abdominal's, oblique's, back muscles, biceps, triceps, forearms, with additional separations to their thigh muscles.

The upside down figure, Diomedes, also had his head resculpted in order to roughen up his facial hair and make it more wavy instead of being neatly combed, as in the earlier version. The angle of the head was also changed, along with the king's crown. Instead of starting over from scratch often changing just a few portions of an artwork is enough to put it in balance. Compare the different versions of the young Hercules versus the old Hercules as the sculpture is artistically aged, as shown in the side by side pictures.

Notice how the blackened bronze antiquing creates a sense of aging to give the sculpture a more classical period look as seen in the 360 degree rotation of the finished sculpture. The larger version of old Hercules wrestling is also available in faux marble, in any other shade of marble for that matter, or other metal finish, included with any art casting reproduction.

Choose to have our marble carvers make the same sculpture in any size you wish in one solid piece of imported marble. Buy a custom base, or column, along with any statue and receive a bulk discount - call for current offer.

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